Mitragyna speciosa
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Mitragyna speciosa (commonly known as kratom[8]) is a tropical evergreen tree in the coffee family native to Southeast Asia. M. speciosa is indigenous to Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Papua New Guinea,[9] where it has been used in traditional medicines since at least the nineteenth century.[4] Kratom has opioid properties and some stimulant-like effects
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I was run over by a car at ... maybe 60 mph ... Trown into the sky and landed kinda lousy. My tibia (lower section of leg NOT the upper, Humorous) was bent in half. My foot was facing me, almost completely torn off. Bravo ambulance was responsible for picking me up and my rest of my leg and getting to me to a place I would later describe as "a brutal Hospital, Maimonides Medical Center, a butcher shop. They were to remove my limb! NO they WEREN'T!

A GREAT friend of mine (John Luczun (my Buddy, He Passed, I'm So sad), of Brooklyn NY told his Sister, MaryEllen, A Hospital for Special Surgery Nurse) Got me in! I( was operated on and it took 3 YEARS to walk but my leg was re-attached! Thank God for Wonderful Friends. So, It was great for a long time even tho I was taking a host of opiods, barbiturates and sleeping pills. It's Now This Year 2018, February, That a doctor WOZ stopped my opiods without warning. I was now in trouble. Bad enough that meeting this Doctor WOZ I was under seige by the FDA! I know now who my real doctor is, The Government!

My Wife, Debbie, found a place, thru the "the WEEZE show", here in Rochester, about a new alternative, K R A T O M...I didn't, couldn't believe it! BUT...there was something I could really use, being the Medical communnity abandoned me real quick and utterly REFUSED any pain relief. To ease my pain. I have been To PAIN clinics, They suc, too!


Nothing like alotta Pain to make U see straight. It was ok with the opiods...BUT WoZerewww, MD, said NO and I hated Her ever since. Enough of the Gorgantuan system!

All Doctors were Piss scared of the government and Doctors being arrested for running "Opiod Clinics". I wasn't envolved with those people. I was Just a Nice Guy with alotta Pain. The F***S. So There was a WAR ON OPIODS even tho it HURT millions of americans in pain, Oh Yea, They sucked, TOO! The Government that is!

Anyways I have been using it safely everyday. I do admit It was a knock-out plant for 3 months but the conditioning set in. I take it easy, now and change strains (red, white, green, Maeng Da, Super green and the like) as needed. Not a Problem. This way My pain is controlled/ U CANNOT OVERDOSE ON NO. It does NOT cause respitory Failure. The FDA has lied on the internet, forums and anyplace there is a platform that it is Dangerous. Not the case. has been used safely for thousands of years (ok, Hundreds)! And Now I am hoping to use it forever. It certainly made a lousy painful existance without the risks of Respitory failure. I was up there with the amount I had to do in order to feel just ok, not high. Just ok. All the deaths U hear about (And sorry to here that these lives had families that are shot to crap after the deaths, Phew) are involving (most) Other drugs besides . The Government says (They Lied) they all, thousands, were nkilled by KRATOM. NOT TRUE.

It's a bit hard to control The use of I must watch the strains, go down a little in dose to make sure I don't get too acustomed to it, etc. Right now am in the process of lowering my dose to qualify for a better reaction. I am so disabled without it. Some say you will be addicted? SO WHAT! If I stop, so then does my body. Today I took only 12 grams. From 18 grams. Still working well.

Went to the movies, 4 hours, and I made it with some difficulty, BUT without kratom in no way would I even get to go out let alone go to the Movies with My Wife. (Crazy Rich Asians followed by Mama Mia. Twas a Good time!)

Think Im a little de-hydrated so I drink plenty of liquids. Beer, Wine,, Not really. Its NOT the 60's anymore. But plenty water and seltzer to rid the monotony.

The weekend was nice. (8-25/26-18) Without the I wouldn't be able to go to the drive-in. But, I did and that was a treat! Being out and about is the best and now I can. A Little tired but that's it.

I don't know what the FDA (Federal Department of A**holes) is trying to schedule as a Drug that we can't get, anymore (We DO know, They are in Cahoots with BIG Pharma and wanna cash in the big bucks by using for their Drugs and Ruin everything!)


It's sumptin...How it changed my life, forever! In a GREAT WAY.

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