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Jigsaw puzzle helps you exercise both the parts of your brain. ... Brain produces a chemical known as dopamine that is chiefly responsible for learning and memory. The production of this chemical increases in the brain at the time when it is engaged in solving the jigsaw puzzle.
Jigsaw Puzzles are Good for Your Brain. Not only are jigsaw puzzles excellentbrain training and coordination improvement tools, they're fun, too! Working a puzzle helps develop your abilities to reason, analyze, sequence, deduce, logical thought processes and problem solving skills.

01_Animal Puzzle For Children of all Ages
02_Bean the Duck Another Great "Kiddie" Game
03_Beer Golf Try Yer hand at this!
04_Bingo Great for Everyone
05_Break Down A Kind of "Removal" game
06_chicken and eggs Super, fer the little ones
07_Childrens puzzle Of course this is it!
08_copter Game A Little Difficult, but You'll Get it
09_Dance Party Make the Guys Dance
10_darts_game_nice One of the best ones I have seen
11_Doggie Parts Get the babies in on this one
12_Find the card a Little tricky
13_Find the Tangerines Not as easy as you think
14_Fire Fly Try and get these guys
15_Fix the Snowman See how many ways U can do it
16_Flash Catz A crazy Game
17_grandprix_2 Racing is the game....Run with this one
18_Guesses your number Just Amazing!
19_Ice Cream Blo-Out Fun for everyone
20_Labrith A "Toughy"
21_Magic hat Another FAST game
22_Make a square A fasinating puzzle
23_Match game Check Yer memory, is it still there
24_matter_game This will snap yer mind, interesting shapes
25_memory Another "find them" game
26_memory color See How far U can go
27_Mercury Makeover An Outer space game
28_Mine sweep See if you can make it
29_mini-cubes See if ya can get em all
30_Missle Destroy See if you outlast the enemy
31_My Cartoon Train Move the tracks with the switches and change way
32_NUMBER Wheel 1 to 8 Get one thru eight with each spin
33_Omnis_tennis_game Anyone for Tennis
34_Poker Try yer hand at this game of chance
35_Pong An OLD Favorite
36_PongBot A Lil Slower
37_Search word game Try and find the words
38_Sequence This will send you over the edge
39_Shadow shoot A tricky Shadow
40_Shoot em up Pull the trigger and get some
41_Shoot the criminal Get the Bad guy, This will be fun
42_Shoot the melon Not that simple
43_Shoot the Pumpkin head Get the spinning Pumpkin guy
44_Simon And U thought you were good at this, try again and again
45_Snake Shooter These are snakey ones
46_Solitaire A card game, as always, U will try over and over, till ya get it
47_Space Invaders One of the oldies
48_Space war Action Packed
49_Tetris and old fav
50_throwpaper Try and hit the guy
51_Tic Tac Toe there is an "easy" and A "hard" games, here
52_Ultimate Arcade Ultra FAST
53_Web Pong As Usual, Hit the bouncing ball
54_Wini the poo A Puzzle for the "Kiddies"
55_Witch Hunt Get the Witches