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An electronic book (or e-book or eBook) is a book publication made available in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both, readable on the flat-panel display of computers or other electronic devices.[1] Although sometimes defined as "an electronic version of a printed book",[2] some e-books exist without a printed equivalent. E-books can be read on dedicated e-reader devices, but also on any computer device that features a controllable viewing screen, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

In the 2000s, there was a trend of print and e-book sales moving to the Internet[citation needed], where readers buy traditional paper books and e-books on websites using e-commerce systems. With print books, readers are increasingly browsing through images of the covers of books on publisher or bookstore websites and selecting and ordering titles online; the paper books are then delivered to the reader by mail or another delivery service. With e-books, users can browse through titles online, and then when they select and order titles, the e-book can be sent to them online or the user can download the e-book.[3] At the start of 2012 in the U.S., more e-books were published online than were distributed in hardcover.[4]

The main reasons for people buying e-books online are possibly lower prices, increased comfort (as they can buy from home or on the go with mobile devices) and a larger selection of titles.[5] With e-books, "[e]lectronic bookmarks make referencing easier, and e-book readers may allow the user to annotate pages." [6] "Although fiction and non-fiction books come in e-book formats, technical material is especially suited for e-book delivery because it can be [electronically] searched" for keywords. In addition, for programming books, code examples can be copied.[6] The amount of e-book reading is increasing in the U.S.; by 2014, 28% of adults had read an e-book, compared to 23% in 2013. This is increasing, because by 2014 50% of American adults had an e-reader or a tablet, compared to 30% owning such devices in 2013.[7]
























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Learn2Play Guitar 59

Time to get that guitar out of the closet and start playing! Now with Learn2Play Guitar, you will be playing guitar quickly and easily in no time at all. Packed with incredible information on musical theory and technique, this e book covers subjects ranging from basic technique for learning how to read music, identifying notes and rhythm, time and key signatures, as well as chords and scales. There is also a musical symbol dictionary, a glossary of terms, practice song material and advice on advanced tuning techniques. Learn at your own pace or use it in conjunction with in-class musical instruction. Written in simple, easy to understand terms, this Learn2Play Guitar e book will have you enjoying your guitar and playing music in no time at all.

Recorder Buddy 60

Recorder Buddy is a wonderful music education program that will teach you how to play the alto and soprano recorder. Recorder Buddy is perfect for those interested in teaching themselves to play or for students already in an existing music lesson program. Features include fingering charts, sight-reading drills, and much more.

Graph Your Sound

Whistle a melody and watch this program graph the pitch in real time. The Frequency Analyzer technically speaking performs a Fast Fourier Transform of the sound (you need a sound card and a microphone to use this program). What it means is that it analyzes your voice and splits it into its component frequencies. Watch patterns of speech, the harmonics of vowels and the noise of sibilants.

Best Educational Art & Music Sites

We have listed our top 15 Educational Art & Music Sites. These sites include: art galleries, an art history site, a music theory site, popular songs in American history, a classical music site, an internet piano page, a site that teaches you how to read music, guitar tabs, chord information, and more. This is a great comprehensive resource for art and music students, as well as anyone interested in art or music.

32 Music Lessons

32 music reading lessons in alphabetical notation system (A B C...), to learn at your own pace; from 2 to 17 different notes in Bass Clef. Hear, sing or read the notes all at the same time. Every lesson features 5 different tempos: Largo - Adagio - Andante - Moderato - Allegro. The color note option makes learning new notes even easier. It is also fully compatible with the “Learning” menu of the computer game “Happy Note Treble and Bass Clef”.

The Practice and Science of Drawing 63

Recognized as one of Britain’s finest artists, and a member of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, Harold Speed’s book is as relevant today as it was when published in 1913. Free with membership, this book is filled with beautiful drawings and information on technique that will improve the skill of any artist.

Beats-Per-Minute Calculator 64

Easily determine the “Beats-per-minute” of a music track. On every beat, press on the “beat” button and the BPM counter determines the corresponding BPM value. If you need a CD player, push a button and start your favorite CD player. When you are done, save the BPM value, artist and track name to the file name of your choice.

Newsgroup Music File Finder 65

Identify the image and music files that interest you, and download them into its easy-to-use database. Has extensive filtering and automation techniques, downloads all file types, and even handles multi-segment files. It has an MP3 player with a jukebox, an image viewer with editing functions, a video player, and a built-in web browser. The thumbnails let you quickly and efficiently locate images, music, video, and other files by directory, newsgroup, author, date, organization, album or artist.

Play a Song See the Lyrics

This program automatically opens the lyrics of the currently playing song. If you have a concern that the lyrics to the music your kids listen to is explicit and inappropriate, Play a Song; See the Lyrics is the program for you. WinAmp Lyrics Opener automatically opens the lyrics of the currently playing song in WinAmp. Now, you can always be sure that the music your child listens to is appropriate.

Determine the Value of Your Investments

Take advantage of this unique art & collectibles investment calculator to analyze and evaluate investment opportunities. Enter your investment figures and instantly see what your potential earnings could be.

Learn to Read Music

Many people think that learning to read music is difficult, but Learn to Read Music makes it fun and easy. The ebook will teach you the names of notes and clefs, help you place the notes on the staff, teach you common words and symbols, and more. You’ll be reading music in no time!

How to Tune a Guitar

Written in clear, easy to understand Language How to Tune a Guitar will take the student through the step-by-step process of properly tuning their guitar. Free with membership, the book offers advice on reference, relative and electronic tuning – the three principal tuning methods.

Note Card 68

NoteCard is a wonderful educational utility designed to help music students gain proficiency in sight-reading. Ideal for anyone beginning music study, teachers will love this program for its ability to significantly shorten the time it takes their students to recognize notes instantly – a sill necessary to advanced music study. Since the program is easy to use, teachers and students alike will recognize its value as an independent study aid. As notes are displayed on a musical staff, you enter the note name, or click on the appropriate place on a piano keyboard or guitar neck graphic. As the student becomes more capable, Notecard provides twelve different levels to gauge their progress.

FractMus 69

FractMus is an algorithmic-music generator, that is, it creates melodies using mathematical formulas. Think of it as a tool that gives you raw material that you can later use in your musical compositions. Writing a midi file and later importing it with music-editing programs such as Finale or Encore gives you the invaluable option of seeing your creation as a musical score, with all the correct pitches for later editing. FractMus uses only a few of the infinite number of possible algorithms for note creation. Some of them exhibit fractal behavior, like the Morse-Thue sequence, Henon attractor, gingerbread man fractal, etc, while others use well-known formulas from chaotic dynamics, like the Logistic Map.

Best Practice 70

Best Practice lets you slow down and speed up wav/mp3 files and CDs without distorting the sound. Perhaps your favorite musician plays a solo that you want to study, but you can't figure it out on normal speed Maybe you're learning a foreign language and you'd like to slow down the spoken examples. You can also change the pitch of the music without affecting its length and save the processed audio as a wave file!

Chord Transposer 71

Chord Transposer will help you transpose chords quickly and easily. Simply indicate which chords you find difficult to play, and the program will find an easier transposition for you. Features include: the ability to load tablature files into the program, automatic detecting of chords in the tablature file, an interactive visual chord dictionary, and more. Chord Transposer makes transposing chords a breeze!

eTuner 71

eTuner is an easy to use instrument tuner for your computer. To use this chromatic tuner, simply point your microphone at your instrument and play a note. The program will then indicate what note is being played, and how sharp/flat it is from that note. This program is a must-have if you’re tone deaf or simply hate tuning your instrument by ear.

Poodles and Flan 73

the Poodles and Flan MIDI composition generator is a postmodern meta-composer that will help you create and edit your own music. Create fragments of music by cutting and pasting sections from existing MIDI files or using the instruments in the program. Features include a scale/ mode palette, chord palette, modifiers such as pedal point, arpeggio, and note options, 128 instruments, pitch options, and more. Poodles and Flan will make creating music easy and fun.

Recall the Melody 74

Recall the Melody is a fun game that will help you learn how to recognize notes. Listen to notes and try to repeat them by clicking on the animated piano keys with your mouse. As you progress, the game becomes increasingly more difficult. This is an excellent game is free with membership and is great for aspiring musicians of all ages.


TicTacIano is a virtual piano that you play by clicking the virtual piano keys with the mouse or by pressing the letter keys of the computer keyboard. You can also adjust some parameters, for example pitch and sustenance. TicTacIano is free with membership and is fun and easy to use.

Simple Paint

Simple Paint is a painting program that teaches kids how to handle the mouse and have fun with colors and shapes. It include 40 different colors, ten different sized brushes, fifteen clipart stamps and more. This fun program is a great way to get kids excited about art!


TicTacTune is a frequency analyzer that can be used to tune a musical instrument. The program hears a sound with your computer's microphone and presents it as a note in a music staff, a spectrum diagram, a pitch deviation circle and as numeric parameters. Free with membership, TicTacTune will help you learn how to adjust the sound quality of your instrument and better understand the fundamentals of sound.

Recorder Buddy 60

Recorder Buddy is a wonderful music education program that will teach you how to play the alto and soprano recorder. Recorder Buddy is perfect for those interested in teaching themselves to play or for students already in an existing music lesson program. Features include fingering charts, sight-reading drills, and much more.