A Beginning of a lifetime…ME ...Today is: 08-15-2018
About the History Of a young Italian Boy BORN IN Brooklyn just out for fun, at least that's what I thought! Being Italian wasn't easy.
In The 40's is when I was born. In an area where LOT's of Italians reside. I mean there was more Tractor Trailers Backed up in EVERY driveway for blocks, on end. Up, Down, Sideways.

So Here I start…Brooklyn, NY or what we coined "CROOKLYN, NY". Because of all the schnagadins goin on.

Gotta Hand it to the oppressed and poor people all over Bensonhurst, NY. We were very diversified.
A Neighborhood that smelt of crime and bootlegged items. We Lived It, we hadn't a choice. We were poor.

A Cart came by for everything U needed…Fish, Veggies,

Fruit and Bunches of, U guessed it, CLOTHES!
Now, U Say, where did these clothes come from ? We all knew but no one said it out loud.
Was A pretty good life. Poor and just lovin it. Yep, the old adage "A Ball and a stick" we called it,ready?...STICKBALL, A game played anywhere U found some space

A street with or without trees (Trees were good to stop the "Gorilla Players from driving the ball to New Jersey!") A yard, Glass and all with rocks and garbage was more like it. AND the bestest of all was a real live ball field, yea. In the narrow streets 4 bases, home, 1st, 2ndand 3rd. A little crowded but lasted for years and just a stick and a ball! We Had "skellzies", a game of skill using all bottle caps usually coca cola ones. First they were plain but as we reached 5-6 years old we went to WAX. From crayons left over from our 2 and 3 yr old drawing materials no longer being used or candle wax (Tough to get, like gold) And played right in the middle of traffic, yes, in the middle. When cars came we just moved over a smidgen. Some were real close and we jumped up on the parked cars. By The Way "parked cars" were parked because there were plenty of spaces and not that many cars. We would draw a large chalked square and made 8 boxes. At the 4 corners a box and in the middle of each side another box in four places. That's it. All start in the middle…we chose who went first, second, third and forth. If there were more we added U. There were no boundaries about who played. Unless you from the (We called it) the twi--light zone, ha-ha ...Rod Serling was pretty good at scaring the dickens outta ya!) In The middle, U Took your index finger and thumb to make a little shooter out of Ur fingers.

(the picture shows cross-eyed Eddie LOL, He never got it right) The 3 back fingers the middle, 4th and pinky lay on the floor (STREET, What floor?) and with that U take Ur index finger and lock into your thumb to fire away and shoot whoever was your enemy (Yes, games have that then)

AND U would scurry around the numbers till U got back to one.

There were lot's of games there was hockey (if you could scrape up some pennies, bottles or GranMa's contribution and buy a stick. Yes a Hockey stick.

This the short version of Games we played. We played just about everything...and mostly outside.

Today is 08-16-2018 It's 7:30 am.

OK, back to the street hockey. We would use a roll of tape for the puck. That became obsolete and we went to using a ball. Not any ball. A Spaulding, Hi-Bounce ball. These were the BEST balls, ever (Today, we have poop for a good ball) This ball made U into super Kids. YES, the ball was so good that if U aim at the person, it would go like a rocket. If you missed with this ball it ended in Japan. This ball was so BOUNCEY that it made our reflexes 1,000 faster. Also used in fast, fast Handball. And i mean

F A S T.

OK, Thats just a little part of activities we played.

The Nite-time thingy...We all knew that there was a Curfew. Thats when U had ONE choice. Be home and Play out front, By ten (This is when U R 12-15) near the stoop ...

The stoop was Home base, sorta. OR be put to bed and NOT play outside 'till U learned your lesson. That Lesson could take a day or sometimes a week. So U learned that lesson, right away. I would run like the wind to get to the stoop. I saw the street lites flickering to come on and flew home. and U got to play in front of the stoop It was a rule U didn't want to break.

And playing outside was fantastic. Not like today where as everyone has a cell phone stuck to their ear. The chioldren of today, 50% or more have a weight problem because of this. We were healthy young and strong. And we loved it (we were just amazing) I'd like to add, there was a battle amongst the little males To show off to the girls that were built up and had great bodies to look at. They had great bodies too, thats what this was all about even as a young teenager. We Had the Sunset park pool. It was a quarter to get in and swim all day (untill they closed, I think it was 3 O'clock. And if U wanted, for a quater get a Huge soda and another $1 A good all beef hot dog. And they were deee-licious! A good time was spent here during the summer and everyone went, hundreds. This pool was huge.

Brooklyn, Sunset park, was the highest elevation in the north east.Snow was also our friend,On the top odf the hill we shot down at blistering speeds or at least we thought so. And we crashed, made flops and overall had a great time. I also brought my children there even as young as 2-3 years old. We watched them like hawks. Today is a bit different, the parents take on a lacksadasle approach.

Snow and the "tunnels". When it snowed hard, we would wait for our Moms to let us out when the snowing stopped and we ran out with shovels. And started digging. Yep, we went as far as our little shovels would take us. After the tunnels were done we made a top layer for the snowballs to protect our camp. yep, we defended it brutely. Our little buddies would help out in the snow fights. NO ONE was hurt, at least, a snowball to the eye. Mom would take care of us and sent us back out, anyways. These were as massive as they get. (at least, we thought so, LOL) On to the snow boarding! We didn't have a snow wooden board, we used what ever we got we were inovated. Cardboard was #1, then anything flat would do,a used our imagination. Some times it would get scary and a coupla kids would use a car hood. Where was their parents? Anywas we would stay clear away from them so as not to be hit with that huge piece of metal. It wasn't till I was 12-13 that I saw an influx of plastic snow boarders WOWeee. But those were for the across the street kids that their parents had money. We stuck to the cardboard. I worked delivering meats on my Bike and the Butcher had a load of them from the groceries delivered to him. He said Take what U need, I did. I had enough for all MY friends and a little for the kids on the otherside, when their "plastic ones broke" and the parents wouldn't buy them another. I was chief, then.

Being a "Shabbos goy ",( A Shabbos goy, Shabbat goy or Shabbes goy (Yiddish: shabbos goy Modern Hebrew: goy shel shabat) is a non-Jew who performs certain types of work (melakha) which Jewish religious law (halakha) prohibits the Jew from doing on the Sabbath.) I was visiting my Mother who lived in the sunset park region where I was talking about. I was shuffeled back and forth from My GrandMother where I lived half of the time to my Mothers in sunset park area. I was still a happy kid.

I was elected by The Jewish community to shut lights on and off, answer any phone calls on their recorder. (A device, years ago, where U recorded Ur voice into a tape recorder to answer phone calls) Clean up while I was there. (an extra that I performed) I got $1 for each visit to each home, I was busy. I was also the richest kid in the neighborhood. I had dozens of homes to go to on the weekends. I also met a very Important Man in the Jewish area of Park slope. Baron HERZOG! I did alot of things for his family. yard work, a little carpentry and the like. Twas a good time, I learned alot. He was a wine guy, BigTime! And I was friends with him at around 11 to 13 years old. Wow, Until I was in My 20's I didn't redally Know who he was. Do U know how I am?

Now I'm getting a little older...Now, Do U know who I am?

Getting back to the "work-outs". My Dad bought me a weight set made in iron encased in plastic. I started to invite My best friend, Billy Gleason. and it was good and I wanted More so I asked the boys in my neighborhood to join to use my equipment for a dollar a month. Way before Jack laLaines, HA! (Imagine what I coulda done with these $1 a month joinings?) I had a dozen or more guys. And some of the girls wanted to see the guys work out, to. We let them, it was quite a motivation for us to pump Iron in front of them. Mingya, wonderful. We shortened it to MING! Hey see that beautiful 62 Chevy, Ming!

I Played Handball day and night...I was so good at the time that I went to the Brighton beach Tournament in 1966 and came in 2nd out of maybe 50 guys or more. The limit was the 12th grade in high school. The first game I lost 21-20, second game I WON, YEA 21-20 and of course the big letdowm of losing 21-20. I was sixteen. I found out later the guy I was playing was 19! His name was Steve. I am Not telling you his full name so he won't be embarassed. Do U know who I am?

The Express train (BMT) would take us to the Bronx, it was the last stop. Again a Great time. Where did the "great times go? I think there must be other great times but this was ours.

Sports...I Luved it, The Yankees, The Mets

and the Brooklyn Dogers and I forgot...The NY GIANTS!

all in New york. Was a good time, then. All these NY teams playing on FREE tv. We had 2,4,5,7,11 and the Public network 13. We had all we needed. The tv of today has to be paid for even local channels, MING! We used to go to Yankee stadium with Bleacher tickets and hustle down to behind home plate. When we were found we had to pay another 25 cents each to stay there so no hot dog. We would be ready if we did this again. It was middle of the week (yes, we cut class to go) and not alot of people. We did this a few times and paid for it in extra homework.

I found (PS 169) it to be a little harder than I expected. I was 10 @ the time. So I studied and studied and studied...and to no avail, I didn't get it. But I studied!

I had an art teacher (can't remember her name) and she was instrumental in nmy contiuation in the art field. She directed me to a high school that was an all around programs school (New Utretch) Do U know who I am?

We (The Roman Catholics) Italians had a gruesome Religious Task (Unlike My Jewish friends) If U were in a Catholic school (I was trown out of that one) It wasn't bad, except fer Ur knuclkes (Yes, it was true, U got banged on the knuckles if U were Bad! And,I was) Had a terrible time at home, Parents were not the very best for me. They really Drank alot of liquor. So, I was hamperred in my schooling and I struggled a bit. Didn't we all in the fifties. Remember, we were poor. Onward to High schools. (Yes, High Schools)

My First High School...New Utrecht High, Now There was a GOOD high school. A Training School of Sorts. Here I Learned The real deal of schooling..And for 3 Years I was the best at it. Bio0logy was my fav and got a 97 on the new york state regents exam. Wow eeee. I really did well in GYM, yes, gym. Thats what we called it. I think today they don't have that anymore. Like Home eco, Shop (I loved that and Mr Maltzman with the gotch plastic bat.) I hated MATH and the teacher whose name I won't disclose, Hit me across the face for a wrong answer! Today he would be arrested and possibly lose his teachying license!!! I Survived aft6er 5 days of a very red face.

ON to Sports...Handball. I was playing for years at this point and, of course, Played on the New Utrecht TEAM. At first it was OK but as a coupla months went by I was a littled tired of all the team members NOT do good at this. I was the Captain. All the team players, more than 20, all wanted to play me to see who was better. I played them all except for one, he ran away. ahahhhhaa. I entered the "Brighton Beach" Handball tournament in righton Beach. and It was alot of fun. Boy, Can they all play Handball!!! WOW! Finally...Just a note here...To ALL the Sunset Park, excellent, handball players "I DID BEAT COLGATE" in a hands down win 21-7, MINE! aahhahhahaaaa. I Took it to the BIG bank of Brooklyn!

I tried football...BUT even as a strapping 130 pounder (LOL) the hits were bad. We had no equipment and only the rich kids had them, so I quit after the first season. the coaches were mean and gruesome, ha! So, again, only the rich kids got to play! It wasn't after the end of season did they all get (but me) A New Utrecht school Jersey. To go over the rich kids shoulder and waist pads.

still, Do U know who I am? Colgate Knows and Now Mr.Vitale knows.

Now, we are on our way to college. I won't go into how many timesI was thrown out so eventually got my Engineering Degree in Electrical and Art degree in Commercial Art. MING, took awhile. And I was in business since I was 19. I would work in between school projects. I was quite A Joker! I took EVERY oppurtunity to make, say, imagine any thing to Be funny. AND I paid for it, too. Hence "getting Trown out"

The things I did while schooling was outrageous. Aquiring cars, borrowing corporate items and Of course, Any item not tied down. Yep I was terrible. Too late, now...LOLOLLOL

Business while being 19 was a bit harder than I thought. No one would believe that I could accomplish all the things I said I could do. It wasn't till I was a bit older that customers would.

Being in Business is some trip! Digging away at materials needed, customers attitudes, The men who come and go go go. lol. It was a hard job but made the money needed to support my family.

Brooklyn was a place where we all had fun...We went to 153 concerts (in My life, there) most of them free due to a friend. and another buddie, Joey, got these outrageous tickets for open seating at the Central Park outdoor auditorium. Called RUMSEY THREATRE.We went all summer 2-3 time a week for 7 weeks! Including "Ten Years After", ZZ Topz, and Tons more. Fun It was. Even with the duties of parenthood and work we made it to the "city" for the best music,around.

We Loved entertainment...The 60's, 70's all the way up to T O D A Y. It was what all of myself, my family and all the friends we have, looked for.

YES, Mariage. MING! What a lovely thing to Just Dive right into without having to worry too much! (We were more SCARED!) We had Family. Her's, mine and a bunch of looney friends. Today is much different. Making sure they can afford many 1 or maybe 2 children. Ya gonna have to pay for College for them. We had our children follow in our businesses. Many of Us were hard working people who either came fro business of started their own. I did The latter. Wasn't easy but the work got easier when we pictured how nice it is to see the family grow. I hate to compare today with Yesterday but it seemed we had a lot more than what the kids have now (because we made it that way!). I learned from My Grandfather, Father, all the people around us and the very best training form older adults who cared for us. So we followed in their foot steps and fought thru the Hoopla and made it to earth on both feet. lol. Jobs were allover! Just had to have a need...we did, FAMILY! A new one as a matter of fact. We knew this woulod be a lifelong deal. For me it was almost 4 decades.

Weeze all worked hard, Gals and Dudes. We showed up just like we were supposed too. NO lateness we weren't taught that way! We were taught to be prompt, clean and ready to hit the day with all we got. We were tired at the end of day and I, myself, grabbed an hour of nappy poo (LOL) and headed out at 6:30 pm to visit prospective customers. I did 2, possibly 3 customers 3-4 times a week. Tough but I did it

Do U know who I am?

Now the Big ASS family...Italians SUNDAYS (Why is Sunday called Sunday? ... And this is reflected in the Old English name for Sunday, Sunnandæg, meaning "day of the sun." Old English was the language of the Anglo-Saxons. In Germanic mythology the sun is personified as a goddess variously named Sunna or Sól (Sun in Old Norse).

Sundays were the Biggy! Felt like A colaboration of everyone, in Italy, Came to our house. NO, it was US. Yes, A Big ass family. Around two thousand! (Ok, maybe fifty, Yep 40) They were outside in our huge yard filled with an aprocot tree, Rabbits, every where and Friggin TOMATOES! I mean, every square inch of ground was covered with tomato plants. Beef tomato's, Plum Tomatoes, and every kind of tomato! We had other items like peppers, sweet and hot, yum. There were other foods growin too. Cuccumbers, LOTS, Beans. Anise (like licorace taste plant) and lastly A bunch of dill. Thee were like 25-30 people inside. This BIG table, My Grandpa made! And 2 little miniture formica tables and Chairs My Dad made (They had a factory for that, they made these kinds of stuff) For the 12-16 kids, at Least! That factory was on the same block as our house. Was a whopping 30,000 square feet.

My GrandFather and Dad, ran it. And Dad, MY DAD, he lost it. Yep, Gambling is a horror for Me and My 2 Sisters. We lived life as prisoners of both parents also being Saused, Blasted, Wanged out, YEP DRUNKS. We finally grew up and all of us took off like ICBM's, rockets, that is.

Let me tell U what it is to live with two, not one, parents whose life was wrapped aroung BOOZE...to be con'd (9-9-2018)


Next up is the Factory, 25,000 sq. ft.M I N G! I'll Be back after the fiest!

"The Factory"

A factory or manufacturing plant is an industrial site, usually consisting of buildings and machinery, or more commonly a complex having several buildings, where workers manufacture goods or operate machines processing one product into another.

Slo, My grandfather owned a Formica/Chair/Tube bending production plant. It was the palce that manufactured those cute formica tables and chairs. Even the "kiddie" ones U sat on when U were A kid! We had them allover the place. Us, My uncles families our friends...allover the place!

I Know there are many Girls and Boys, My age, Have similar stories of the 50's and 60's

If You want me to post it a new section of UTHRILLME.com EMAILME here. And I will Create a new area for YOUR story.

Any other good Times? U Bet, MING!

OK I actuaaly graduated..ha..Now it was time for school. College a matter of fact. ....





Ok, enough for now, my fingers are a lil sore...be back later



Ok, Till the next time, tommorow or the next...Don't let the bed Bugs Bite! (1800's) NO, I'm not that old! haha

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