Where U can Find our Creations

For the little ones and U ...

We Are Up, again. WE HAVE new STUFF and we love to show off. Take a looksee and call us if you want to discuss any posible projects. (585) 360-5039

We specialize in wood products in Names n Toys

We Showcase All Our cards. HAND made!

Miniture Bunk Beds

Band Saw BoX Items

Games for YOUNGINS

Xmas stuff!

Black Walnut names...

There will be additions and removals as we Give/Sell the products. These recent ones are Given away, already. They are put up to give you an idea of what we do.

Almost all are made of a hardwood. Black Walnut, Oak, Catalpa, Yellow Wood etc. That have been picked up BY Me...I actually get downed wood trees and I go get 'EM! Cut them up, straighten them out, Sand and Clear Coat them.

My Contact is Here