We Take enormous pride in making these. NO ONE (except for the board of education) In which We were background checked. The materials we use are checked for all kinds of stuff like "the safety of them" and what coatings we use for the projects. all approved for children's toys and rest assured we are on top of all of these recommendations to fabricate these items.

We have assembled the following FREE...(E-Books) For the Children and Adults. The list is awesome!

"ALWAYS watch the childrens downloads, they may need Supervision"

I Found these allover the internet and WE put them together, all in one for you guys:

Just VIRUS ( can get AVG protection for free here Scan each one, when you download them. We are NOT responsible for any downloads site wide. Thank You for your understanding. Including and site that offers products/downloads.


Here is where we make stuff!

With all the things we need to construct a variety of projects

In Case U missed the GAMES Page...


If You need something "original" Like a card ...or a bunch of cards for any occasion. OR anything...clocks, pull toys and with names, Just names, jewelry boxes, little toy stuff, Small doll rockers, Boys HUGE get on and push trucks or anything, really. Use your IMAGINATION AND ASK IF WE CAN DO IT! Contact us

Wood cradle, Pine...we can, at times make them with oak, black walnut etc. These start at $55.00 and up for the pine ones. The girls love this one and I have made them 35 years ago and Those ladies gave it to thier daughters!


Names, starting at $35. and up. All are individually made. NO DUPLICATIONS! This item was made for a 4 year old for a Crayon holder (the crayons not shown) This is made of black walnut.

WE HAVE new STUFF and we love to show off. Take a look see and EMAIL us if you want to discuss any posible projects.

We specialize in wood products and Names and Toys ... let us know a few days in advance and we will see what it is you need. Thanks!

We Showcase All Our cards. HAND made!

We make three cards (minimum) to 25-40 all priced differently for ALL OCASSIONS!


Miniture Bunk Beds $125.00 and, of course, all one of a kind.

Band Saw BoX Items

$45.00 and up, these are beutifically hand crafted as all we make

Games for YOUNGINS click here

Or For you, if you are young at heart

Xmas stuff!

Black Walnut names... STARTING AT $40.00

There will be additions and removals as we Give/Sell the products. These recent ones are Given away, already. They are put up to give you an idea of what we do.

Almost all are made of a hardwood. Black Walnut, Oak, Catalpa, Yellow Wood etc. That have been picked up BY Me...I actually get downed wood trees and I go get 'EM! Cut them up, straighten them out, Sand and Clear Coat them.



































































Free standing wood Cabinets/Shelving. Plywood/common woods and hardwoods. Price, of course, depends on customer requests




Making Xmas items. Another one of our specialties


This is A display for wine and cheese. All original, depends on the wood we fabricate.